04/05 Birthday - Zodiac Information

April 5th Zodiac

Date: April 5th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Color: Medium Taupe
In One Word: Worry
Shape: Cross
Strength: Deep Intellect
Weakness: Dark Thoughts
Most Compatible With: Sagittarius

Although there is always something pulling them down, individuals born on April 5th are quite optimistic and turned to the future. They need to build a powerful state of faith in their own abilities and senses in this lifetime, to set free from the pressure of their mind. This will come when they find a way to relax, stretch, let go of the spasm in their spine and neck, and find a way to breathe.

April 5th Horoscope

(Pluto) – MERCURY – (Pluto) – SATURN

The entire month of April leaves a karmic mark on planets that get in touch with Saturn in a planetary row. When combined with Mercury, this speaks of difficulties one encounters trying to express their true personality. As a strong-willed individual, an Aries born on April 5th has to find some sort of balance in their expression and set obvious but flexible boundaries to other people and their actions and words. Worry will come naturally, but so will depth of mind, interest in history, mathematics, or elaborate information on natural phenomena. They will find life intriguing and research it with depth and dedication.

Love and Emotions

Love is the final destination of each person born on April 5th, although they begin their emotional life as rational, reserved, and usually quite charming but distant at the same time. They will incline towards serious relationships, but Mercury in their planetary row makes them flexible enough and open for casual bonds, those that aren't based on their heart and relationships with several people at once. They should steer clear of parallel affairs, for they don't go well with their chase for the ideal that is set deep in their hearts even when they don't see it.

It is typical for them to have all important things in twos, and many of those born on this date will have two deeply significant relationships in their life. This isn't a rule though, and while they can be committed to one person, living the ideal for years, they could also change many partners in search for the spark of any colorful emotion within. They could lose focus from what they need, and make a mess out of their emotional world in a matter of seconds. Overthinking could create a problem but as their faith develops and their upwards flow takes them to better things in life, they get closer to living the love they always dreamed of.


April 5th is a date that speaks of an organized mind, deep, thorough, mathematical and logical. Still, the mission behind the scene seems to be to learn to relax, go with the flow, dance and love, feel the Divine and get in touch with spirits that are out of this world. It is a chase for one, universal truth, and a person born on this date won't be satisfied with a rigid routine that leaves no room for exalting and beautiful activities, those that inspire and allow them to show their sensitivity, their fragile emotions, and their true talents.

What They Excel In

A person born on April 5th excels in all things that ask for attention, deep thoughts, curiosity and analysis. They will be historians, scientists, mathematicians, and builders, always looking for a way to connect the foundation of things with what might come. They carry the link of the past with the future as a message in their mind, and need to live in the now to find a way to use their greatest potentials. The causal truth is their forte and they carry the tool for discovery of what happened in the past, to affect the ideal of the future for all of us.

April 5th Birthday Gift

When choosing a gift for a person born on April 5th, we need to keep in mind that they are a fragile link between emotion and reason. On one hand they are curios, love to get informed and read all they can about matters of interest, but on the other, they are searching for their creativity and talent and need something to truly inspire them and give them a chance to experiment. It is best to spark their creative side and give them a gift they will have a chance to use, some clay, painting material, or a book with creative tasks, lessons or advice. If this doesn't sound in touch with their core, go with music that sounds right or enroll them in a dancing course they have been considering.

Positive Traits for April 5th Born

Deep, concise, truthful, and eloquent, this is someone ready to plan and sense victory, always protected and always curios enough to open their doors, and face their fears.

Negative Traits for April 5th Born

Irritated, constantly worried and overburdened with dark or negative thoughts. They are prone to panic attacks, fears with no obvious reason, situations that keep them in a constant state of chaos and lack of control.

Healing Crystal

A very good stone to be used by those born on April 5th is eliat stone, for it helps them merge the love found in their life's mission with their mind. It is a mixture of minerals that serves to bring overall balance to the emotional state and get one in touch with their challenges and their true potential. It makes the outlook on life colored with love and pushes them into joyful choices instead of charging into rational, obsessive inner battles.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 5th born in one of the two years preceding a leap year:

"An Indian Weaving a Ceremonial Blanket"

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 5th of a leap year and a year that follows:

"Nature Spirits Are Seen at Work in the Light of Sunset"

Sabian symbols that speak of those born on April 5th are in strong connection to the forces of Nature and their link to faith through rituals and repetition. We can see that both symbols speak of certain movement that is casual, repetitive, and something practiced for years or billions of years, depending on the lifespan of those performing. This is a date that speaks of habits, of all matters of routine that are practiced for a long time, for they play an important role in a person's life and lead to their wellbeing.

Famous Birthdays on 5th of April

  • In 1908 Bette Davis was born, an American actress, known as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history. She was once described as a woman who would probably have been burned as a witch if she had lived two or three hundred years earlier.
  • In 1951 Dean Kamen was born, an American inventor and engineer, who founded Segway Inc. Aside from his humane efforts to help the world develop, he founded a program for students to get people interested in science, technology, and engineering.
  • In 1973 Pharrell Williams was born, an American singer and songwriter, a part of the record production duo The Neptunes, and famous for his worldwide hit single, "Happy". Interestingly, he also invested in education, for youth in at-risk communities.

Important Historical Events on 5th of April

  • 1614 – Pocahontas married John Rolfe, an English colonist.
  • 1722 – Easter Island is discovered by Jacob Roggeveen (born on February 1st).
  • 1792 – George Washington (born on February 22nd) uses the power to veto a bill for the first time in U. S. history.
  • 1879 – The War of the Pacific begins as Chile declares war on Peru and Bolivia.
  • 1922 – The American Birth Control League that is later to become Planned Parenthood is incorporated.
  • 1969 – In many cities in the United States, massive antiwar demonstrations occur in an attempt to end the Vietnam War.

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