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January 15th Zodiac

Date: January 15th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Color: Aureolin
In One Word: Constructive
Shape: Two-Sided Arrow
Strength: Multitasking
Weakness: Overthinking
Most Compatible With: Virgo

January 15th speaks of experience combined with youthful energy and carries potential for all builders and ambitious leaders to blossom. It is the date of great thinkers as well as warriors that act on instinct, as if two persons are always hiding in one same individual reminding them of their own inner duality.

January 15th Horoscope

SUN – MERCURY – (Pluto) – SUN

As with all combinations that include Mercury, this one speaks of multiple personalities this individual carries within. Scattered between two Suns, this little Mercury has a light and a dark side to connect, merge into one, and realize where golden middle ground is. A planetary row such as this one often points to the importance of an individual's relationship with their sibling and of ties that won’t get untied, not even through extremely dark circumstances or death. The power of these coexisting complete personalities is what can heal the world, if only instincts and conflict were cast aside and their loving, tender natures brought to the surface.

Love and Emotions

Issues of their personality and potential troubles with authority are just a tip of the iceberg in respect issues these individuals have in relationships with other people. Their inner battle for supremacy and liberation could lead to overly rational relationship choices, and they could have trouble finding enough peace to settle down and find the other person worthy of their undivided attention. Their inner conflict leads to them choosing a partner on a whim, a lot less careful than other Capricorns, only to discover in time that they wish to separate or get divorced so they can find their own inner core once again.

Their love story needs to be one of ultimate respect and shared creativity and expression, giving both partners enough freedom to maintain the basic personality structure intact. As soon as typical restrictions come to light, they will cool off and distance themselves without ever doubting their decision. Love of children will be a strong drive to many of those born on this date, as well as the need to leave an heir to their bloodline. Divided into two personalities they could choose to be in parallel relationships and constant dilemmas that make them act in several ways at once. Once they find their personality's core and start expressing their inner truth with ease, all relationship issues will clear up too.


The 15th of January holds the atmosphere of something special and royal just like every middle of the month. This one will speak of status that needs to be built through expression and the freedom one must obtain through choices that go with their heart. With so many things on their mind, there is never any rest for the brains of those born on this day. They will shift from one theme to the other, and from one inner personality to the next, unaware of their changes and physical needs along the way. Their Sun sign requires powerful grounding for they will often speak more and do less, only to discover that time passed them by and they still haven’t made those basic decisions they wanted to. A purpose they were born with is connected to higher planes though, the field of ideas and Universal thought, and they are to connect with society, turn to humanitarian work, experiment with science, or ground and incredible idea that takes shape in their mind.

What They Excel In

With their desire to be surrounded by something handmade, combined with their modern approach to the Capricorn world, they make great programmers, builders, or architects. On the other hand, this personality feels it is obligatory to explain themselves to the world. No matter if this happens through one-on-one meaningful conversations, writing, or battle against the entire system they live in, they will feel the need to express their opinions and their personal point of view, until they make others understand.

January 15th Birthday Gift

The perfect gift for a person born on January 15th is a book of short stories. They are curious and love a hard cover, traditional values, and historical facts, but don’t have the usual Capricorn patience to stay focused on a never-ending novel of any kind. They will get bored fast if their interests aren’t sparked by inner state of passion, and their energy doesn’t like to be contained in any way. When their sense for practicality is taken into consideration, it is impossible to choose poorly.

Positive Traits for January 15th Born

An outsider with a powerful mind, this is someone brilliant, innovative and brave. It is always good to have them around for important brainstorming, and to teach us of new ways to resolve dilemmas in our lives.

Negative Traits for January 15th Born

Too attached to their image of the world, we will sometimes see them fighting for the rights of those they endanger themselves. Unaware of their hypocrisy, they have to get to know their own ways before teaching others about what they need to do.

Healing Crystal

The crystal that suits the need of January 15th born is Scheelite. It is the stone to help balance one's higher self with their inner self. Its energy instills mental balance and aids reaching for answers to any question a person might have, while at the same time bringing energy to the body when they start to feel fatigued and run down.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 15th:

“A Store Filled with Precious Oriental Rugs”

This is a symbol that obviously speaks of something with value, that is to serve as a basis for someone's home and with it – someone's state of heart. These rugs represent all gifts and valuable assets a person is born with and the inner treasury that should be given only by a fair price. Trading one thing for the other to the benefit of everyone involved is just one of the powers of those born on this date and this is a symbol that puts an emphasis on the useful, traditional, and yet expensive service that needs to be provided. These individuals will offer a lot and expect the same in return, ready to share and converse one useful thing for another, exchanging favors, emotions, and material blessings just the same.

Famous Birthdays on 15th of January

  • In 1622 Molière was born, a French actor and playwright considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature.
  • In 1803 Marjorie Fleming was born, a Scottish child writer and poet, best known for her own childhood diary that remained unpublished for fifty years after her death. She became popular in the Victorian period, although some of her work was re-written and her words considered inappropriate for eight-year-olds.
  • In 1929 Martin Luther King, Jr. was born, an American minister and activist, Nobel Prize laureate. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance.

Important Historical Events on 15th of January

  • 1559 – Elizabeth I (born on September 7th) is crowned Queen of England.
  • 1759 – The opening of the British Museum.
  • 1892 – Rules of basketball are published by James Naismith (born on November 6th).
  • 1936 – The first building completely covered in glass is build in Toledo, Ohio.
  • 1967 – In Los Angeles, the first Super Bowl is played.
  • 2001 – Wikipedia goes online.

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