01/16 Birthday - Zodiac Information

January 16th Zodiac

Date: January 16th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Color: Tangerine
In One Word: Colorful
Shape: Heart
Strength: Creativity
Weakness: Spiteful
Most Compatible With: Pisces

Those born on January 16th are the most creative and joyful of all Capricorns, if they manage to stick to their satisfactions and surround themselves with beauty and laughter. They have an uneasy task to find middle ground between the darkness and cold, rational responsibility of Capricorn and that light, colorful and magical creativity of Venus circling its master – the Sun.

January 16th Horoscope

SUN – VENUS – (Pluto) – SUN

This planetary row delivers the message of love and ways in which it can set you free. Restraints and shackles of Capricorn, genetics and family ties, all need to be broken for love and a personal sense of value. These individuals will never find peace if they don’t turn to inspirational and creative activities they really love to do. Love will set them free, one way or the other, and the least they resist it, the happier they’ll be. They stand for a union of two strong and somewhat stubborn people, and their happiness is defined through their ability to connect and truly love another human being and their own reflection in the mirror.

Love and Emotions

When a person is born on January 16th they have a task to balance the masculine with a feminine primal instinct. Their search for love will leave them unsatisfied if their sexual nature isn’t satisfied too, and every rationalization will only lead to frustration that cannot seem to resolve. This is a personality that has sharp boundaries between the intellectual, emotional, and physical worlds, and they make it hard for them to find a partner to complete them in all these areas of life.

Passionate and ready to win the heart of their loved one, this Capricorn can wait for years for the perfect love to come. Unfortunately, Venus acts now, on the impulse, and with Mars as their date's primal ruler, there is no tomorrow to wait for in their story of love. This impulse could push them into marriage quite early, just as it could move them to another extreme, but the real thing they should strive for is the point of balance between action and attraction, passion and emotion, and all those things they value in their life.


It is impossible to carry out a good story of January 15th without a personal sense of value, magic, and love, and partnerships and marriage should only come out of truthful and beautiful emotions and the inner guidance that makes them smile. Their purpose in this world is to initiate, spark the flame of passionate choices, love, and sexuality, being the one to connect emotion with instincts, and matters of the heart with those of the body. Often children of young parents, or those who made instinctive choices, their mature Capricorn nature needs to tame the youthful one within, and shape it into constructive ways to manifest beauty.

What They Excel In

Creative and turned to beautiful things, individuals born on this date excel at creative work, all types of art, as well as value assessments of any kind. They will feel the need to fight for material security, and this makes them great in the field of finance and financial risk. The inner state of constant spite makes them excellent in sports and races, while Venus gives them the tact to be an accepted and tactful member of a team. They will shout when needed and fight for their rights, passionate and focused on creating love in the world.

January 16th Birthday Gift

Those born on the 16th of January have an eye for beautiful things and they will appreciate a new art masterpiece in their home at any time. This doesn’t mean they will find much joy in urban and abstract forms of art, but rather the flow of emotion shown through traditional value, but in a new way. They need something to shine a light on their static world and allow them to make a change, and even if you simply pay for housecleaning, they will be grateful for the chance to be relieved of a small piece of responsibility. This is a person who’ll also appreciate a good training or a course in running, and a monthly tuition for a gym or a yoga class.

Positive Traits for January 16th Born

Artistic, piercing, and extremely inspirational, these individuals can be leaders in entire art forms and ways of expression. They are innovative and know where to search for beauty, finding it in things that others might find obsolete or wrong.

Negative Traits for January 16th Born

Torn apart between two inner extremes, they are usually searching for people to serve as their “negative” reflection in the outer world. While extremely helpful with dilemmas of others, unable to resolve their own.

Healing Crystal

Those born on January 16th heal their emotional battles best with grossular garnet, preferably orange for their primal inner emotional need. This is a stone to heal their heart, and a relatively rarely used January stone that sparks social growth and service to the community. In its green variation, this stone heals emotional bruises and helps these individuals find their place among family members and in their entire family tree.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 16th:

“A Nature Spirit Dancing in the Iridescent Mist of a Waterfall”

This symbol speaks of the power of nature and joyful, magical imagery it brings to our lives. While we might think that those born on this date have some rigid and rational tasks that need to be fulfilled, they obviously have a purpose to find a way to approach their animalistic nature and their instincts through beauty and harmony. This is a position that speaks of finding beauty in everything, including all those possibly aggressive and negative things that might burden one's life.

Famous Birthdays on 16th of January

  • In 1836 Francis II of the Two Sicilies was born, the last King of the Two Sicilies before it merged with the Kingdom of Sardinia into the newly formed Kingdom of Italy.
  • In 1853 André Michelin was born, a French businessman who co-founded the Michelin Tyre Company. He promoted tourism by car and had a constructive, inventive cooperation with his brother, leading to them both being inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • In 1959 Sade or Helen Folasade Adu was born, a Nigerian English singer, songwriter and a producer. Being a child of divorced parents and living away from her father, she had a talent to show through unique musical expression.

Important Historical Events on 16th of January

  • 27 BC – The Roman Empire begins as the title Augustus is granted by the Roman Senate to Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (born on September 23rd).
  • 1492 – Queen Isabella I is presented with the first grammar of the Spanish language.
  • 1547 – Ivan the Terrible (born on September 3rd) becomes Czar of Russia.
  • 1605 – The first book of Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, is published.
  • 1786 – The Statute for Religious Freedom is enacted in Virginia.
  • 1909 – The magnetic South Pole is found by Ernest Shackleton's expedition.

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