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January 6th Zodiac

Date: January 6th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Color: Mint
In One Word: Freelove
Shape: Hexagon
Strength: Unique Creative Expression
Weakness: Stressed Out
Most Compatible With: Pisces

When a person in born on January 6th, they have a natural understanding of partnerships while at the same time being in search for freedom. They seem to be in the state of constant inner opposition with a task to nurture their individuality, with outmost respect for the rest of the world.

January 6th Horoscope

(Pluto) – VENUS – (Pluto) – SUN

Venus and the Sun always do their fateful dance of creation and love, and bring the world of inspiration to those born on the 6th of January. Their existence will be filled with color and burning emotions, and this isn’t something a Capricorn has an easy time accepting. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and seems to absorb the most of the Sun's heat, and this is exactly what defines a nature of such a Capricorn, guided by strong initiative, passion, and emotion, only to feel the rush of love. These individuals will absorb the feel of the moment more than they know, and should always act upon impulse and their senses, rather than choose a rational approach.

Love and Emotions

A date such as January 6th brings promise of emotional rollercoasters that won’t be contained or controlled no matter how hard the person might try to restrict openness of heart towards others. Surprises will keep on coming, leading to many changes in the emotional world, often pushing them in and out of several marriages, or bringing on the pressure so strong that they wish to divorce their life-long partner when already in their nineties. There is no usual Capricorn security here, not unless a romance is based on honest and pure friendship first, only to become everything else later.

The ego battle in the energy of this date will lead to their inability to prioritize and set their focus on themselves and others in appropriate times. When their partner needs them, they will be preoccupied with their own chase for profession or financial security, and turn towards them when they are already gone. Still, life will give them many chances until they get their timing right, and we will see that the future always has new romantic surprises in stock for those born on this date.


January 6th is a day governed by much freer energies than a Capricorn normally needs to deal with. People born on this day are different from the rest of their “clan”, always standing out and in constant search for their freedom. With more responsibility comes true liberation, and they simply need to line up this fact in their life, realizing that being guided by simple passion isn’t enough if convictions aren’t set straight, a strong basis there, and karmic debts repaid. It might not be easy for them to heal the opposition they carry within, but love will follow them every day on their path.

What They Excel In

People born on the 6th of January have an incredible creative force to them, hard to come by in many other people. They will show to work well in fields of art, talent search, and fashion, having a strong motivation to build a certain image through their career. Status will be reached in unusual ways, and modern, eccentric things will guide their way towards success. They can be extremely successful as designers, architects, or if they choose any form of artistic expression that seeks modern solutions.

January 6th Birthday Gift

The best gift for people born on this date will be a surprise itself. The thrill of the moment and the present they don’t expect at a certain time shows more affection in their world than any gift on a specific date ever might. What they get should be modern, artistic, and filled with emotion, and even better if given to them several days before their actual birthday. There is something quick and unexpected to their nature, and the most spontaneous reaction will come when surprised at an odd time. Masters of symbolism, they will enjoy hand written notes, maps leading them to treasure, and anything with a hidden meaning to be discovered.

Positive Traits for January 6th Born

Creative individuals, ahead of their time and aware of the needs of modern society, always social enough to create their own social circle. Humanitarian and concerned about wellbeing of others and the world, they will find freedom in accepting their own emotional nature.

Negative Traits for January 6th Born

In constant inner conflict, going through a battle of their need to be free with their need for security. There is a lot of stress to their existence and as freedom prevails, they tend to forget real friends they made along the way.

Healing Crystal

Tremolite is the perfect stone for those born on January 6th as a crystal to help activate new pathways in their brain and find solutions to problems that a person is stuck in for years. It liberates one from their rigid or dogmatic views on faith and religion, opening their views towards a new state of spirituality and life outside of their common realm of existence.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 6th of any year that isn’t a leap year:

“School Grounds Filled with Boys and Girls in Gymnasium Suits”

The Sabian symbol for Capricorns born on January 6th of a leap year:

“In a Hospital, The Children's Ward is Filled with Toys”

These two symbols share the energy of youth, connecting high school creative time with that of a vulnerable child comforted with material things in the time of need. It is not an easy task to search so deep for the child within, but it is an obvious goal of those born on this date. Creativity has to come from an honest, childish point of view, barefoot and free from all defenses built while growing up.

Famous Birthdays on 6th of January

  • In 1856 Giuseppe Martucci was born, an Italian composer, conductor, pianist and teacher. Playing in public since he was 8 years old, he chose not to write operas at a time when this was considered highly unusual among Italian composers.
  • In 1946 Sid Barrett was born, a British musician, composer, singer-songwriter, and a painter, known as a founder of the band Pink Floyd. As stress took over, he turned from a social, extroverted and joyful person into an erratic and unpredictable man.
  • In 1955 Rowan Atkinson was born, an English actor, comedian, and screenwriter. Apart from his achievements in comedy, this is a man who managed to maintain the plane in the air and land it when his pilot fainted.

Important Historical Events on 6th of January

  • 1017 – Cnut the Great, popularly invoked as a deluded monarch believing he has supernatural powers, is crowned King of England.
  • 1838 – Alfred Vail (born on September 25th) demonstrates a telegraph system using dots and dashes (the predecessor of Morse code).
  • 1907 – Maria Montessori (born on August 31st) opens her first daycare center for children of the working class.
  • 1912 – German geophysicist Alfred Wegener (born on November 1st) presents his theory of continental drift for the first time.
  • 1929 – Mother Teresa (born on August 26th) arrives in Calcutta, India, to start working among India's poor and sick residents.
  • 1947 – Pan American Airlines offers a round-the-world ticket, becoming the first commercial airline to do so.

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